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(images from @BlackMensWear, Photographer: @Grasstaken)

Last month I had the opportunity to attend an event curated by BlackMensWear ( and HighFashionLiving ( ). The event was centered around bringing men together and seeing the importance of Brotherhood. If we are being honest, the media doesn’t always show the beauty and sophistication of being a man. Most importantly, the beauty of Brotherhood.

The #ChiFlashMob shoot took place in Chicago, a city that has had 206 men killed in the last year with shootings on the rise. The location was The South Shore Cultural Center, which is a historical Chicago landmark. The day was bright and full of color. It can be hard to get men from different spaces together for one cause and collectively we became men for one cause. The cause? To influence the next generation.

(picture Left to Right @nosaeguae, @heisharper & @jerzeyson)

(images from@ BlackMensWear, included as is well @its_what_ev from, Photographer: @Grasstaken)

The #ChiFlashMob photoshoot created a safe space for creatives to combine, not only their talents, but their intelligence. The intricate blend of American style and African grace created a vibe that serves as a bridge in connecting people to the beauty of brotherhood. We are stronger together than apart.

Article by JerzeySon

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